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Our Experts

Who Are the People Working for Us?’s staff is comprised of highly experienced specialists in their respective fields, capable of dealing with programming assignments of any degree of complexity. Before hiring somebody, we carefully check if they are proficient in the area they claim to be specializing in. In addition to that, we check if a potential employee is capable to work under time pressure.

Where Do Our Experts Come from?

Programming specialists working for come from all over the world, but they have one thing in common: all of them either have a degree in computer science/programming or enough practical experience to replace it. As they come from different time zones, it is always possible to find somebody to help you out whenever you call.

How Are Our Experts Graded?

We are constantly on the lookout for new experienced and talented individuals to work for us, but every new employee has to pass a prolonged trial period working on easier and less urgent tasks to both gain additional experience and show what he is capable of. Trial period completed, a new employee gets access to regular and higher-paid orders – and still our dedicated specialists check each assignment for originality, consistency and technical correctness before sending it to the client. Every employee is regularly evaluated based on customer’s feedback, level of quality, ability to complete jobs on time and some other factors. If he is lacking in one of more areas we give him some time to straighten up, and fire him if he is incapable to do it.

Work Starts as Soon as You Pay

As soon as you transfer payment for your order, we start looking for a coder with the necessary qualifications to complete it.

Reasons to Hire Us:

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